EveryWord™ is a multilingual mobile Smartphone suite
of mHealthcare applications for anyone who needs
to monitor speech and language acquisition and usage.

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  • Application

    EveryWord™ App.was designed specifically to provide consumers, a user-friendly tool for detecting and tracking delay in language acquisition and speech deficiencies. Providing EveryWord™ App. outcome to treating professionals could shorten evaluation time.

  • Mission

    EveryWord™ mission is to be best of kind in the mHealthcare segment utilizing cutting edge knowledge-based algorithms in conjunction with speech experts and key opinion leaders, enabling EveryWord™ to bring the most advanced speech and language health monitoring App. to the market.

  • R&D - EveryWord™

    EveryWord™ market-oriented strategy will continue to lead the development of technologies and enabling speech and language health products aimed at meeting needs of people of all ages world-wide.

  • Web Design

    The Company’s highly secured Web Site, serves as a data repository, enabling subscribers to monitor and readily display personal information remotely.


  • EveryWord™ 1st LA and Speech Monitoring App. offers multilingual support to parents world-wide (true global multilingual App.).
  • EveryWord™ 1st LA and Speech Monitoring App. is a “user friendly” Smartphone-based tool with immediate feedback.
  • EveryWord™ Low-cost, possibly free, for the end-user.
  • EveryWord™ 1st LA and Speech Monitoring App. Is developed and approved by a professional team including medical, behavioral, speech therapists and other experts.
  • EveryWord™ 1st LA and Speech Monitoring App. Outcomes are recommendations only and may not be used instead of an expert advice!
  • EveryWord™ offers subscribers a consistent mean to follow objectively language development during a child’s first years of life.