What it is


Smartphones are available almost everywhere. They facilitate verbal and video communication, allow full functionality of email, Web browsing, watching videos and even TV programs and full length movies, … the list goes on, with new functions added daily.
Your Smartphones can also analyze adults and children speech and language health, and by indicating as early as possible the potential need for expert intervention - increases the chances of favorable outcomes!!!

  • Modern neurological diagnosis and care rely on advanced technical equipment located in the clinic. The patients, on the other hand, are mostly out of the clinic at the most crucial time for diagnoses. And in the case of children being in the clinic may affect the diagnosis.
  • EveryWord™ is the first step in bridging the gap by bringing the technology to the patient at the most crucial time. Children can be diagnosed or monitored at their natural environment, and adults can be diagnosed or monitored at any place and time before, during, and immediately after a clinical event.
  • Smartphone speech and language health monitoring is the panacea. EveryWord™ is the first step in attaining it.

EveryWord™ 1st Language Acquisition (LA) and Speech Monitoring Smartphone-based application answers the unmet need for an as early as possible detection of lagging language acquisition. Empowers the lay (mothers, grandmothers, caregivers) and assists the professionals (Speech therapists, teachers) in

  • Detecting delayed or confirming normal language acquisition
  • The analysis produces a 2-part status report:
    • Comparing a child’s performance to appropriate (age, gender etc.) reference groups.
    • Tracking a child’s development by comparing data collected earlier to later data from the same individual (repeat testing).

EveryWord™ Speech Analyzer

The EveryWord speech analyzer process speech recording (online/offline) measures the speech acoustic parameters of the target, compare results to standard milestone and previous recordings. The EveryWord speech analyzer will detect speech disorder if it exist at kids and adults.

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What does the EveryWord Speech Analyzer measure?

The EveryWord Speech Analyzer is FDA approved, requires the free EveryWord app. It is intended to record, store and transfer speech recording of up to 2h. The EveryWord Speech Analyzer evaluates vocabulary size and detects speech disorder and 1st LA delay according to age and gender norms. The EveryWord speech analyzer also measures speech acoustic parameters of the target, Patients can also log and track their speech recordings. This data is viewable in the EveryWord app and by sign in at www.everyword.mobi

Is the EveryWord Speech Analyzer accurate?

In analyzing data from children aged 1-12 years of age, EveryWord™ matched professional opinions and arrived at them efficiently and objectively.

Is my data safe?

The EveryWord Speech Analyzer recording data you collect using your the EveryWord Speech App. is stored in two places: in the EveryWord App. on the mobile device and on the EveryWord's secure, encrypted US and EU servers (accessible by you and your therapist from the web on EveryWord™'s secure web App.). Your child's and your data are safe and will never will be sold by us. The data will be used only in the context of diagnosing and/or monitoring you or your child’s development.

Will this work on my tablet or other smartphones?

Currently EveryWord Speech Analyzer can operate on all Android devices (smartphones and tablets) operating Version 4.3 or higher.

How much data can be stored?

The amount of speech recording you may store in the EveryWord App. is limited only by the space available on your mobile device. A 20 min. recording averages 18KB, most Smartphones can handle 3h of speech recording. There is no limit to the amount of data you may store securely on EveryWord servers provided that each recording session is no longer than 2 hours.